Why This Blog Exists

There’s a saying – you can take the journalism out of journalism, but you can’t take journalism out of the journalist. This is why now, as a retired journalist, I still spend most of my time writing informative articles about specific events in the world. It’s something I did my entire life – and I wouldn’t know how to spend the rest of my retired days otherwise.

The problem now is that, as a retired journalist, I am no longer working for any magazine or official company. “Spend your days, relax, you worked your whole life already” is what I would probably be told. But if it were for me, I’d probably want to write even when I hit 90 and I’m on my deathbed. I’m a “writeoholic,” sue me for that. In fact, don’t; then I wouldn’t be able to write anymore.

So what does a retired journalist in the modern day do when they can no longer publish for newspapers and official journals? They start a blog, obviously. Every person that wants to read the news goes on the internet – and they’ll probably read a newspaper only if it would accidentally fall in their hands. I figured that my odds would be much higher if I wrote on my own blog than they would be if I started passing news flyers on the street.

Many blogs nowadays talk about make-up, natural remedies, how to care for your neighbor’s sister’s hamster – and other things that, for the right reader, are actually interesting. However, when the world’s going crazy around you, you want to be as informed as possible. And you want to learn that from someone who actually knows how to research the topic – not from your random Joe who saw the rumor on Reddit (don’t get me wrong, that place does have some great information at times).

I know how to do research. I know how to write, and I’m always interested in finding out more. In a way, this blog is also for my benefit – so that I don’t lose my edge. With every article written, I find out more about our world now – and I keep practicing my journalist skills. I’m continuing to be a journalist – but without the shadow of deadlines looming over my shoulder.

This blog exists so that I keep doing what I love and so that you stay informed. It’s a win-win situation, regardless of the way you decide to look at it.